I am so curious about everything that it’s hard to pick a path. I often take the harder road just for the challenge just it’s hard to stick with it. I find myself reading the course descriptions over and over as if the idea of the class is more interesting than grinding in the nuts and bolts. I will be really happy to get the basics down and start working on projects/subjects that I have a solid working foundation. I still have a lot of math ahead of me and that’s daunting. I still haven’t forgotten my love of history. I feel that if I go back to humanities than I’m taking the easy way out (and I’ll never make the salary I would like to make). I hope that I can study a lot of different things that interest me and maybe carve out a niche of a degree. Would that hurt my chance of a job or enable me to choose between a wider variety of job opportunities?

I told myself when I started college that I would be happy doing anything as long as it wasn’t in a restaurant but now it’s more complex than that. The reality is, I’m basically making a career it of going to school right now and if I obtain my goal of graduating with a doctorate, I’ll be 50! 50ish, even. At that point, I may as well stay in academia and make use of the connections I’ve made along the way. Maybe continue with research.

In the meantime, I just keep plugging away. Enjoy my classes and the experience as I go. I’m sure opportunities will present themselves as they blissfully already have been.

I’m president of an honors society, just made the student of the month, and work at the school. I’m so grateful!