I’ll be going in my third year in the fall.  I will stay at MCCKC for another year so that I may carry out my duties as president of Pai Theta Cappa and I will have one or two electives to finish in the spring.  I’ve become much more involved and even won student of the month.  MCC feels like my home and I’ll be glad to be there for a little extra time than necessary.  I’ll have more credits than necessary to transfer over and I’ll have paid a third of the cost for them.

I’m starting to get a good feel for what I would like to obtain from my academic experience.  My research for undergraduates (REU) program that I am in now for the summer has really sparked my interest.  I am curious about how microorganisms can affect global change such as climate change.  I am interested in learning more about what a geobiologist does.  I like the combination of geology and biology bonded by chemistry.  While there is not a geobiology degree, I think I may be able to mold one out for myself in graduate school.  I see that KU has ongoing geobiology research.  There is even an astrobiology minor that sounds fascinating.  I find it hard to narrow down what I want to study or what I want to do.  I am finding that I really love research both in the field and in a lab.

For now, I’m just taking it one day at a time and enjoying my classes as I go.  Next semester is the last one where I have basic requirements.  This is kind of intimidating.  I feel like I should decide what I want to do or I’m wasting time taking meaningless (to my degree) classes.   I think this is it, though.  I may have found my niche.